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About Sol

Sol has been fighting to make her community better her entire life.  She has seen politicians come into our communities when they need our votes and then disappear until the next election. 

Sol has been a social worker, an activist, and a community organizer.  She has seen so many hardworking people fall through the cracks.

Hardworking people who just can’t get ahead.  People who have healthcare they can’t afford to use because their deductibles are too high.  People who have put their lives on the line and served in the armed forces only to be forgotten when they got home.  She has seen children go to school hungry because their parents are struggling to pay their rent.

Sol has come to the realization that she must do more. That is why she is running for Congress so that we are represented by someone who understands our struggles and will fight so that every child, every parent, every person has the opportunity to succeed.


About Congressional District 3

CD3 is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. Throughout that landscape, there are communities that uplift and support each other, communities that are living in poverty, communities that are watching their jobs go overseas, communities that have been fighting for environmental rights for decades, communities that were built on union labor. This district is ready to send someone to represent them who understands the struggles they face each day. A candidate that is dedicated to making all of our futures better.  A candidate like Sol.

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We must expand their ability to access the care they need regardless of where they live.  A veteran from Durango should not have to drive to Denver in order to get the treatment they need. Our Veterans deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. It is the least that we owe them for choosing to put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and way of life.  

There are tens of thousands of jobs that the VA has that are currently sitting empty.  We need to address that challenge.  On any given night, as many as 40,000 veterans are homeless.  Veterans have to spend months and even years to get a determination on their benefits qualifications.  We can and need to do better!


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